Paris, March 30th 2021

PROXINVEST has been serving investors for 25 years through its voting advisory services, corporate governance analysis and support for the implementation of shareholder engagement policies. Our strategic ambition is to become the reference proxy in corporate governance in Europe.

To this end, a new organization has been set up within which Proxinvest ensures the coverage of any general meeting held by a European company requested by its clients. This research is based on a European voting policy which has just been published for the 2021 season: “European Corporate Governance Principles & Voting Guidelines” . Its implementation relies on the support of local providers in different European countries such as Ethos in Switzerland, DSW in Germany, Corporance in Spain or Frontis Governance in Italy. This organization allows us to benefit from local expertise and to take into account the specificities of each country, which is the best way to gain an intelligent understanding of the governance of each company studied.

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