3003, 2021

Proxinvest 2021 European voting guidelines now available on line

Paris, March 30th 2021 PROXINVEST has been serving investors for 25 years through its voting advisory services, corporate governance analysis and support for the implementation of shareholder engagement policies. Our strategic ambition is to become the reference proxy in [...]

2303, 2021

Figure of the week – March 23, 2021

Company’s purpose (« Raison d’être »): 11 SBF120-index companies have introduced a Company’s purpose (« Raison d’être ») in their articles of association in 2020* * in the 299 French companies analyzed

1603, 2021

Figure of the week – March 16, 2021

Capital increase authorization during a public takeover: 10-bp drop of contestation when capital increases are not allowed during public takeover in SBF 120-index

803, 2021

Figure of the week – March 8, 2021

Rate of female board members considered independent : 69% of female board members are considered independent in the French CAC40 index (vs. 37% for male directors)

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