Figure of the week – March 23, 2021

11 SBF120-index companies have introduced a Company’s purpose (« Raison d’être ») in their articles of association in 2020*

* in the 299 French companies analyzed

Figure of the week – March 16, 2021

10-bp drop of contestation when capital increases are not allowed during public takeover in SBF 120-index

Figure of the week – March 8, 2021

69% of female board members are considered independent in the French CAC40 index (vs. 37% for male directors)

Figure of the week – March 2, 2021

Discounted capital increases contested :

2.3 times more negative votes for resolutions of general meetings authorising a capital increase without preemptive rights with an issue price discounted by 10% below the stock market price compared with resolutions whose discount is limited to 5% in accordance with Proxinvest’ voting guidelines.

Figure of the week – February 24, 2021

90% of CAC 40 companies (France) used ESG criteria in the 2019 executives’ variable compensation

Figure of the week – February 16, 2021

70% of SBF120-index companies changed their dividend policy in 2020 in response to the pandemic and economic crisis

Figure of the week – February 12, 2021

68 companies of the SBF120-index separate the functions of Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

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